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Colby Dandenong provides industrial storage solutions including warehouse pallet racking, shelving, conveyors and mezzanine installations for small businesses through to large distribution centres throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We will design and supply the most optimised pallet racking solution for YOUR business needs – a key differentiation between an experienced company like ours when compared to basic racking suppliers.

Manufactured in Australia, ColbyRACK warehouse racking systems can be customised to suit the individual storage needs unique to your warehouse.

Our service team provides pallet racking safety inspections and audits, as per Australian Standard AS4084-2023 recommendations for yearly inspections.

Our sales team is fully trained and always ready to go the extra mile to find you the best pallet racking or storage solution as per your needs.

Pallet Racking Installation In A Warehouse
Pallet Rack Protection
Shelving Corner Protectors for Industrial Racking

Colby Dandenong: Melbourne's leading supplier of new and used ColbyRACK pallet racking and shelving systems.

Call us to book a free site inspection, or to get exclusive deals on new or used pallet racking.

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Pallet Storage Design

Tailored Solutions for Maximum Storage

We design, supply and install high-quality tailored warehouse racking and shelving systems using commercial computer-aided design software (including AutoCAD) to maximise your available warehouse storage.

Protection for Racking

Flexible Pallet Racking Installation

Colby Dandenong’s industrial racking systems are adaptable and easy to install or relocate. Just ask our team for more information on pallet racking options and installation costs.

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All Types of Pallet Racking Systems to Suit Your Individual Needs

Explore our wide range of pallet racking and warehouse shelving systems, all of which we can tailor for your specific business needs.

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Racking
The most common form of pallet racking is Selective Pallet Racking. All pallets are accessible 100% of the time. This is recommended for storing larger numbers of SKUs.
More information.

Double-Deep Racking

Double Deep Rack
With its deep double design, Double Deep Racking can increase warehouse storage by 40% while maintaining high selectivity. It is recommended for if your business holds plenty of goods of the same SKU.
More information.

Drive-in Racking

Drive-in Racking
Floor space costs money, but drive-in racks ensure every bit of space is utilised. If space is at a premium then Drive-in Pallet Racking may be the solution.
More information.

Narrow Aisle Racking

Narrow Aisle Racking
For warehouses with a high roof space, Narrow Aisle Racking is designed with narrower aisles in mind, optimising space and increasing your return on investment.
More information. 

Push-Back Racking

Push-Back Racking
If you require high-density storage while allowing fast, easy access to stock, Push-Back Racking is the ideal alternative to Double-Deep or Multiple-Deep racking.
More information.

Pallet Live Storage

Pallet Live Storage
The Pallet Live Storage (PLS) system stores pallets on inclined roller tracks. This system is loaded from the rear and can pick from the front.
More information. 

Satellite Racking

Rapid Runner Satellite System
Designed for high density, low stock variation storage, the Rapid Runner Satellite System runs pallets down lanes using automated carts, allowing for FIFO stock rotation.
More information.

Extra Large Bays

Extra Large Bays
For storing large items like wood, steel and plaster sheeting, carpet rolls, furniture, etc., customised Extra Large Bays offer increased area storage space.
More information.

Racking for Product Picking

Non-Palletised Racking
For adaptable storage of products of varying shape and size, Non-Palletised Racks are ideal for picking and storing items that can’t be palletised.
More information.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racking
Light or heavy duty Cantilever Racking is ideal for horizontal storage of long, oversized and irregular materials such as steel or timber stock.
More information.

CLS Carton Live Storage

Carton Live Storage (CLS)
A Carton Live Storage (CLS) system stores boxes, totes, trays on inclined roller tracks and is loaded from the rear and can pick from the front.
More information. 

Custom Fabrication

Customised Racking / Fabricated Racking
Our inhouse design and fabrication team fabricates custom racking for almost any storage solution for any industry.

More On Heavy Duty Industrial Racking & Shelving

Cost-Effective Pallet Racking and Shelving Solutions in Melbourne

Whether you require a completely new warehouse pallet racking fit-out, or wish to expand your existing storage facilities, Colby Dandenong has the experience to design, supply and install the most cost-effective pallet storage solution tailored to your requirements. We start by understanding your business requirements and tailor an optimised solution for you, taking into account your warehouse building design and access, number of SKUs, size and weight of pallets, stock rotation requirements, material handling equipment, and most importantly, the safety of your staff.

You will get the best high-quality bulk storage system delivered and installed by our expert pallet installation team.

We also offer a number of additional industrial storage solutions and products, which include:

Mezzanine Raised Storage Areas

Industrial Flooring Solutions

Colby Dandenong has a range of cost-effective mezzanine Industrial flooring solutions for sale that can double the usable floor area in your factory or distribution centre. We provide economical, durable and easy to maintain flooring systems, tailored specifically for your business needs.

Space-Effective Warehouse Shelving Solutions

Warehouse Shelving Systems

Colby Storage provides various shelving solutions including Miniload Shelving, Long Span Shelving and Carton-Live Shelving Storage Systems. Our shelving solutions are ideal for warehouse and retail businesses; they are made to last using durable components.

Pallet Conveyor Systems

Pallet Conveyor Systems

Colby Dandenong provides solutions in conveyor industry for efficient material flow ensuring that you have what you need, where and when you need it. The industrial conveyor systems supplied by Colby Dandenong join this processes, providing automatic delivery and pickup of the goods.

TESTIMONIAL – Bespoke Storage Solution

“The gallery is very pleased with the art racking system installed by Colby Dandenong. In consultation with a group of suppliers and the collections management team, the gallery generated a scope of works, including the requirement for the storage solution to have the ability to expand at a later date. Future-proofing the available space and installation of a quality product were paramount. 

 Appraisals of the existing system allowed us to assess compatibility with future works, putting a further level on requirements. Integration into our current racking system was paramount. Colby with a design presented that optimised space and a quality installation have exceeded the galleys requirements.

Installation was completed on time with all requests exceeded by very helpful staff, the post installation and quality control checks fine-tuned the installation.”

 John Stabb – Building & Services Co-ordinator, Geelong Gallery.

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