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Warehouse Design and Traffic Management

A well-integrated warehouse design always incorporates detailed safety and traffic management plans. Staff and asset protection risks can be mitigated with improved staff training, as well as with a carefully developed traffic management plan and strategically placed safety structures.

Risk mitigation measures may include:

  • Pedestrian and forklift exclusion zones;
  • Safety zones for truck drivers;
  • Safety barriers and gates, bollards, guide rails, guard rails, mirrors, etc.;
  • Pedestrian access walkways;
  • Floor and line marking;
  • Containment fences and secure areas;
  • Speed limits;
  • Pallet racking protection;

Colby Dandenong can assist your business with your traffic management plan, and supply all equipment and services (line marking, safety barriers, warehouse mirrors, etc.).

Below is a link to the related WorkSafe publication:

Racking Protection

Colby Dandenong can help protect your pallet racks and inventory with heavy-duty steel pallet rack protectors and guards. Even if hit by a forklift, your racks are safe. Don’t buy cheap plastic ‘protectors’ that have no impact and deflection strength, install the best protection for your racks and inventory and see immediate savings from reduced damage and downtime. All while keeping your workplace safe.

Warehouse Rack Protectors

Pallet Racking Protection and Accessories

Protect your rack against the hits by forklifts and other impacts with the range of rack protection options available at Colby Dandenong. We offer an extensive range of protective accessories, as well as work benches, pick bins, stillages and much more. Some example of available rack protectors from Colby Dandenong are listed below.

Protect-A-Rack System

Protect-a-Rack Upright Protector

The Colby Protect-a-Rack upright protectors’ design is unique and fits every type of rack upright. It outperforms the traditional steel and plastic rack protectors and allows for easy installation.

Rack safety clips or clamps

Rack Components: Connectors & Clips

The 4-tang end connector helps in stabilising heavy loads. The 3-tang connectors can be used for light-duty and open section beams. Our patented Cobra Clips at each beam-end prevents accidental dislodging as the beams are locked into place.

Liquid Spill Protection Barriers / Bunding

Colby Dandenong offers bespoke safety solutions to complement our pallet racking installations, such as spill protection barriers or bunding. Spill protection solutions may vary depending on the liquid itself, volume, storage solutions (e.g. pallet racking) and area surrounding the product. We provide bespoke solutions to cater for your requirements – allowing for the best, cost-effective solution (not just off-the-shelf products that may not suit).

For advice on what solution is best for your business, call us today on 1300 265 291 or complete the contact form on this page.

Liquid Spill Protection
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