Industrial Conveyor Systems

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industrial conveyor systems

Colby’s provides solutions in conveyor industry for effective material flow ensuring that you have what you need, where and when. The industrial conveyor systems supplied by Colby Dandenong joins this processes, ensuring automatic delivery and pickup of the goods.

Conveyor supplier systemsMoving goods safely, efficiently and economically is vital to your business. Responsive, rapid and precise distribution is the key for supplying to your customers on time. You may be transferring a moderate volume over a short distance; or you may be transporting hundreds of units across the entire length of your facility. Whatever the situation is, reducing handling time and costs is the crucial viability of your business. Over-handling of goods affects your ability to compete, your profitability and inevitably your long-term success.

Conveyor Suppliers

The conveyor belts help in turning your materials handling into materials flow. The efficiently designed transport networks can lower costs and speed up delivery. This systematic material flow helps in handling conveyors, mobilises and transforms inventory. Your production line relies upon fast, reliable flow to prevent interruptions and stoppages between manufacturing and distribution.

Industrial conveyorsWe at Colby Dandenong manufacture industrial conveyors to meet your needs. We design for;

  • Maximum system uptime
  • Adopt reliable quality
  • Proven technology


And all our conveyor solutions are designed and engineered here in Australia. Our team of professionals based in south eastern suburbs of Melbourne are at the end of the phone.

Industrial Conveyor Manufacturers– Transforming Handling into Flow

Industrial conveyor buildersColby understands goods and materials flow. We offer an extensive and flexible range of quality Australian-made conveyors. Our custom design service can build a systematic material flow equipment to mobilise your goods and transform your inventory. We can meet your throughput, pickup and delivery requirements with a complete, custom-designed system, installed by our local and expert staff. 

Benefits of Conveyors:

Colby conveyors can move everything from simple boxes to bulk and heavy items. A simple belt system is suitable for carton and heavier items like pallets which can be carried on chain conveyor sliding in channeled tracks. As the load increases, the friction increases, and a powered rollers belts conveyor can be incorporated. As the volumes carried by the conveyor grow, do cost and efficiency gains. More benefits of the conveyors include:

  • Check-weighing, labelling and packing can be automated within your conveyor system.
  • Accumulation buffers can be added, controlling flow and reducing the risk of damage to your goods.
  • Conveyors can even load and unload for you, eliminating handling completely.
  • Multi-level operations can be incorporated making more efficient use of space.
  • Automating the movement of product between levels has an additional benefit; it reduces operator exposure to OH&S issues considerably.
  • Order fulfilment means more handling while maintaining efficient throughput, requiring flexible access for operators.
  • Our gravity or transportation conveyors can move goods between zones for split-case orders.


The completed orders are then moved into the final dispatch area.

Colby Dandenong: Industrial Belt Conveyor Manufacturer

The conveyors help in sorting out and merging goods smartly. The Colby Conveyor suppliers are designed and engineered in Australia. Let it be any type of conveyor systems at Colby, the important benefits that save money and time for customers are that they help in:

  • More flow
  • More maneuverability
  • More management control

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