Warehouse Mezzanine Floors and Raised Storage Areas

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Increase Warehouse Space With A Mezzanine Floor

If your company has a shortage of warehouse space, or you want to avoid the disruption and costs of moving into a larger premises, Colby’s warehouse mezzanine flooring can be a simple and economical solution.

Warehouse Mezzanine Flooring Solutions

A mezzanine floor is a raised level usually installed within a factory or warehouse that provides additional work areas or storage. There can be slight differences between what is considered a mezzanine floor and a raised storage level, but they essentially do the same thing. We can advise you on what solution to use.

All our warehouse mezzanine floors and raised storage levels are engineered to comply with Australian standards and meet high design criteria.

Light, Medium, And Heavy-Duty Mezzanine Floor Frames For Extra Space & Storage

Designed to meet your specific requirements, Colby Dandenong’s industrial mezzanine floors are constructed from modular standard materials or fabricated structural steel. All floors are easily integrated with offices, stairs, handrails, conveyors, pallet racking and warehouse storage, and lifting/loading devices. Our mezzanine flooring solutions are ideal for additional storage and picking/packing warehouse environments.

What all this means is that mezzanine floors and industrial raised storage areas can be designed and built in different ways depending on what they’re going to be used for. If the mezzanine is only going to be used for light doing, then the floor can be designed and built for that. From there, mezzanine floors can be designed and built to hold almost sized load, it’s just a matter of what the ground can hold and how much space there is for bracing.

Mezzanine platforms are quick to install and cost-effective, providing your business with the space it needs to expand and capitalise on the additional floor space provided.

If you require larger spans of column-free space, Colby will design and install it for you. We are based in the Melbourne but can provide a custom solution anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Why Colby Dandenong's Mezzanine Floor And Raised Storage Areas Systems ?

Our mezzanine storage systems are built from quality components unique to Colby. Components include the patented Sigma beam, which delivers significantly more column-free space. Other reasons to buy from us include:

industrial mezzanine floors

  • Colby delivers complete mezzanine flooring solutions, designed and manufactured in Australia.
  • Based in Dingley Village, We have an Australia-wide network ready to respond to your specific requirements.
  • We’ll provide you with a free, no obligation initial site survey.
  • Modifications can be made, viewed and considered before final installation of your mezzanine floor.
  • Our advanced production facility manufactures everything locally, using fully traceable certified steel.
  • Our support and delivery service is excellent and reliable.
Diagram of mezzanine floor with features shown.

Types of Industrial Mezzanine Floors And Raised Storage Areas

Our mezzanines floors can be constructed from conventional rack frames either with or without Sigma beams. Sigma beams are usually used to provide wider spans between columns, and are ideal for larger installations. Mezzanine offices constructed with standard box beams for narrower spans are recommended for small to medium facilities as they are cost-effective and quicker to erect.

Sigma Profile Mezzanine Floors

If you require larger spaces with greater spans between columns, the patented Sigma Beam Mezzanine Floor answers your need. This option utilises the patented Sigma profile for both the primary and secondary beams, enabling large spans between columns. In this type of installation, long span shelving and carton live shelving can be integrated into the raised storage area.


  • SHS 100 x 100 columns


  • Conventional rack frames with Sigma profiles
  • Simple integration of long span shelving or CLS
  • Semi-structural Standard columns
  • Mezzanine floors pack supported with Sigma beams

Box Beam Mezzanine Floor Construction

For more moderate requirements and faster installation, box beam mezzanine floors are the perfect choice. Colby Dandenong uses standard components for this type of mezzanine, which simplifies the process, reduces costs and saves you money.


  • Box beams on 4-tang connectors
  • Top hat 96/120 joists.


  • Ideal for moderate installations
  • Uses standard components making this an economic choice
  • Rack supported.

Mezzanine Level FAQs

It can be difficult to decide on whether or not a mezzanine floor is right for your property. Feel free to speak to us for advice or take a look at our frequently asked questions.

What is a mezzanine?

A mezzanine is a structure that sits above the main floor of a building but isn’t a completely separate and isolated storey. Instead, the mezzanine is open on at least one side and looks over the floor below. Mezzanine floors can also be built completely separate from the base building without using any of the base building as support. Instead, a mezzanine is supported with its own dedicated support columns.

How much does it cost to build a mezzanine?

Mezzanine floors vary by size, design, material, and how much weight they can support. Because of this, the cost to build a mezzanine level changes depending on the situation. A smaller mezzanine with a more standard design is going to be a lot less expensive than a large mezzanine with custom design features. Speak to us about what you need out of your new mezzanine and we can supply a quote.

Does it take a long time to build a mezzanine floor?

This also depends on the size, design, and other factors in building the mezzanine. Many mezzanine designs use modular components that can be pre-fabricated offsite. This means that the actual building of the mezzanine can be done quickly and easily once onsite. This limits disruption and downtime for the business getting the new mezzanine level installed. Once the size and design of the mezzanine is confirmed we can provide an estimate of how long the new mezzanine level will take to manufacture and install.

How much weight can a mezzanine floor support?

Mezzanines can be rated to support almost as much weight that the ground can support. How much weight a mezzanine can support is dependent on the overall design of the mezzanine though. There are a number of solutions that allow the mezzanine to either support more weight or be supported by pallet racking or shelving, allowing access to racking and shelving from the mezzanine without the mezzanine actually needing to support the weight.

Is it easy to remove a mezzanine floor?

Since a mezzanine level isn’t attached to the base building, it’s relatively easy to dismantle and move to another area of the building or even move to a new building if the business is moving. Although mezzanines are built to last, ultimately they can be treated as a temporary structure or semi permanent structure that can be removed when a commercial lease is done.

Does building a mezzanine level require planning permits?

Planning permits are usually required to build a new mezzanine level, but this will depend on the exact size and design of the mezzanine as well as planning requirements for the local area the mezzanine is being built in. If you’re unsure whether you need a permits to construct the mezzanine, we can help with this.

Is adding a mezzanine level the same as adding another storey?

What is defined as an additional storey and what’s defined as a mezzanine depends on the design and the size of the mezzanine; at some point, even if a mezzanine is supporting itself, a mezzanine covers so much of the floor below that it needs to be considered a new storey to the building. It’s best to speak to an expert regarding the desired size of the mezzanine and the permits required.

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