Pallet Conveyor Systems

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industrial conveyor systems

Pallet Conveyor Systems from Colby Dandenong provide your industrial facility with smooth and convenient methods of pallet handling. Our systems have the strength and capability to work in varied industrial environments.

Pallet conveyor systems

BK25 Smart Pallet Roller Conveyor

The BK25 Smart Pallet Roller Conveyor is built for transporting more than just pallets. The BK25 can also handle drums and various oversized items. Made for industrial settings, the BK25 is is designed to withstand typical industrial settings involving dirt, oil, and heat. Any goods moved using the BK25 are safe and secure thanks to guide flanges designed to keep loads on the conveyor.


  • Adaptable – can handle any type of load
  • Smooth transportation
Pallet roller conveyor

Model T5 Pallet Chain Conveyor

Pallet chain conveyor

The T5 Pallet Chain Conveyor is built to be robust but simple. A chain conveyor is perfect for scenarios for pallets because they’re a known size that can take up the entire width of the conveyor. Because of its simplicity, chain conveyors require little maintenance and are easy to operate.


  • Designed for operational reliability
  • Minimal maintenance required

CNN Pallet Chain-driven Conveyor

The CNN Pallet Conveyor is chain-driven conveyor built to be flexible but also cost effective. The CNN Pallet Conveyor only uses on drive chain, keep costs down and simplicity high. The CNN Pallet Conveyor is a great cost effective conveyor solution for pallets weighing less than 1,000 kilograms.


  • Utilises a single drive for the takeaway conveyor and primary transfer
  • Chain-driven design
  • Purpose built for flexibility and lower setup costs
  • Economical solution for pallets weighing less than 1,000 kilograms
Pallet Conveyor

Automated Pallet Systems

Colby Dandenong’s can create automated pallet solutions that are fast and reliable transport options both into storage and out to dispatch. Automated systems work best when working with loads that have a pre-programmed throughout with known pickup and delivery times.

An automated pallet system can automatically carry palletised goods via conveyor to a stretch wrapper zone so that it can be prepared for shipping. Once prepared, the palletised load can be handled manually or via a variety of automated methods for shipment or storage.


  • Flexibility to handle individual cartons, or full pallet-layers of goods
  • Reliable and safe 24/7 performance.

Why Choose Colby Pallet Automated Conveyor Systems?

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, we have an Australia-wide network ready to respond to your needs. And all our conveyor solutions are designed and engineered here in Australia.

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