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Colby Dandenong is Melbourne’s leading supplier of industrial storage solutions including pallet racking, warehouse shelving, and conveyors. We install and inspect a wide range of pallet racking and warehouse shelving systems throughout Victoria.

Are you looking for the custom designed pallet racking systems? At Colby Dandenong, we supply and install high-quality tailored warehouse racking & shelving systems at the best prices. Manufactured in Australia, our modern warehouse racking and shelving systems can be customised to suit your individual storage needs.

We combine local expertise with innovation to create the top quality industrial storage products. Our sales team is fully trained and always ready to go an extra mile to find you the best pallet racking or storage solution as per your needs.

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Shelving Corner Protectors for Industrial Racking

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Colby Dandenong: Melbourne's leading supplier of new and used pallet racking & shelving systems

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Tailored Solutions for Maximum Storage

If you are a Melbourne based business, and in need of tailored pallet racking solution, specialists from Colby Dandenong are just a phone call away. We can offer you a tailored solution as per your warehouse storage needs. Call your local expert now and experience the difference.

Installation Of Industrial Racks With Ground Protectors

Flexible Pallet Racking Installation

Colby Dandenong industrial racking systems are flexible and are easy to install and relocate. Just ask our team for more on pallet racking installation costs and procedures.

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All Type of Pallet Racking Systems to Suit Your Individual Needs

Explore our wide range of pallet racking and warehouse shelving systems, which we can tailor following your specific business needs.


Selective Rack
Selective Pallet Racking is the most popular form of storage solution for warehousing. All pallets are accessible 100% of the time and businesses storing a large number of SKUs will benefit from this solution.


Double Deep Rack
If your business holds plenty of goods of the same SKU, then Double Deep Racking might be the answer you’re looking. With its deep double design, storage of warehouse will increase by up to 40% while maintaining high selectivity. 


Drive-in racks
Floor space costs money and a drive in rack ensure every bit of space is working on your bottom line. If space is at a premium then drive in rack might be the solution for your business. 


Narrow Aisle Racks
Does your warehouse have exceptionally high roof space? A narrow aisle rack is designed to take advantage of exactly that. Narrower aisles and tall shelves ensure you maximise your return on investment by using more of your available roof space. 


Push-Back Racking
Push-Back Racking is the ideal alternative to Double-Deep or Multiple-Deep racking. It provides high-density storage while allowing fast, easy access to stock. 


Pallet Live Storage
The Pallet Live Storage (PLS) system stores pallets on inclined roller tracks. This system is loaded from the rear and can pick from the front. 


Rapid Runner Satellite System
The specially designed ColbyRACK warehouse storage rack systems use for running the Rapid Runner satellite system on rails, which allows pallets to transport between lanes and beams with the help of a forklift. 


Extra Large Bays
To use the space of warehouse for storing large items like furniture, wood, etc. Extra large bays design for more space and organised storage. Read more…


Non-Palletised Applications
The non-palletised racks are the most used racking solutions adaptable for storing items that can’t be palletized and for picking purposes. 


Cantilever Racking Systems
Cantilever racking is ideal for horizontal storage of long, oversized and irregular materials such as steel or timber stock. Colby Dandenong’s heavy duty cantilever storage racks are convenient for easy storage and access to large products. 

More On Heavy Duty Industrial Racking & Shelving

Cost-Effective Pallet Racking and Shelving Solutions in Melbourne

Set up a new warehouse storage racks or expand your existing storage facilities. Colby has more than 40 years of experience and most reliable & cost-effective pallet storage solutions tailored to your need. You will get the best high-quality bulk storage systems and expert services. Our team can assists you by ascertaining your needs and tailoring a solution for you. We offer a huge selection of products for industrial storage, which include:

raised floor systems

Industrial Flooring Solutions

Colby Dandenong has a range of cost-effective Industrial flooring solutions for sale that can double the usable floor area in your factory or distribution centre. We provide economical, durable and easy to maintain flooring systems, tailored specifically for your business needs.

Space-Effective Warehouse Shelving Solutions

Warehouse Shelving Systems

Colby Storage provides various shelving solutions including Miniload Shelving, Long Span Shelving and Carton-Live Shelving Storage Systems.Our shelving solutions are ideal for warehouse and retail businesses; they are made to last using durable components.

pallet conveyor systems

Pallet Conveyor Systems

Colby Dandenong provides solutions in conveyor industry for efficient material flow ensuring that you have what you need, where and when. The industrial conveyor systems supplied by Colby Dandenong joins this processes, providing automatic delivery and pickup of the goods.

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