Cantilever Racking Systems

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Cantilever racking is ideal for horizontal storage of long, oversized and irregular materials such as steel or timber stock. Colby’s heavy duty cantilever storage racks are convenient for easy storage and access of large products.

Cantilever Rack Components

  • Uprights – Vertical beam that supports the arms
  • Base – The uprights connect directly into the base
  • Arms – Horizontal beams that support the load
  • Braces – Connect and support the uprights

Racking arm supports the load, and it can be set at different angles. Arms transfer the load to support upright beam or base.

Colby’s cantilever rack applications are fully adjustable and modular allowing maximal flexibility in configuring the rack to suit individual requirements. This type of storage dramatically improve warehouse productivity and handling time.

Cantilever Racking Systems

Why Choose Storage Solutions from Colby Dandenong?

Whether storing light duty or heavy duty products, Colby’s Cantilever storage systems provide you with the best answers to your storage racking problems. Designed by leading Australian structural engineers using advanced computer aided technology, Colby cantilever racking aims to ensure safety, integrity, and compliance, exceeding Australian standards.

What are Advantages of Cantilever Racking?

  • Heavy duty racking for maximum support, strength and capacity.
  • Secure storage of long awkward items, such as packs of timber, pipes, long-span products and goods that cannot be palletized.
  • Safe storage of light or heavy-duty products, including outdoors.
  • Perfect fit for a range of industries including construction, plumbing, aluminium, steel and even garden supplies and furniture manufacturers.


  • 3 to 4 welded connectors in the versatile range of beams.
  • Sturdy braces for the frames and proper rack protectors for operating them safely.

Colby Dandenong only sells the high-quality products at the best prices. Our team has many years of experience to provide a tailored cantilever racking storage solution for your business. Contact us at 1300 265 291 to discuss your options.

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