Drive-In Pallet Racking

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Drive-In Pallet Racking is the ideal solution for any warehouse/industry where high-density & multi-deep pallet storage is required. These rack systems can be tailored to suit a range of widths, depths, and required accessibility.
Our Drive-In Racking systems are perfect for multi-deep pallet storage making it easy for forklifts to drive into empty rack locations. Combined with unsurpassed strength, Drive-In racks provide excellent storage capacity which help achieve maximum storage at minimal costs.

Drive-in Racking

Incorporating the Colby Protect-a-Rack design, our Drive-In Pallet Racks are one of the most cost-effective storage solutions for businesses. With its advanced features, Drive-In racking delivers the lowest price per footprint of any other storage systems, where pallets can be serviced by both reach and counterbalance forklifts.

Drive-In Racking: High-Density Storage for Larger Volumes of Pallets per SKU

We design, supply and install high-quality Drive-In pallet rack systems at the best rates in Melbourne, Victoria. If your warehouse requires high-density storage, particularly to accommodate large volumes of pallets per SKU, then our Drive-In Racking is a smart solution.

Drive-in racking suits a wide range of industries, including general manufacturing. Drive-in racking is also ideal for the food and beverage or cold storage sectors.

However, if your priority is maximum capacity, consider our Double Deep Pallet Racking or our Narrow Aisle and Very Narrow Aisle Rack (VNA) system. But if it’s fast, constant access to every single pallet you need, then consider our Selective Pallet Racking system.

If you’re not sure which is the best option for you then call us now and talk to one of our experts.

The Benefits of Drive-In Pallet Racking

High Efficiency

The Colby system incorporates our patented and registered Protect-a-Rack design. Manufactured in Australia from heavy-duty steel, it ensures quick, easy and cost-effective installation. The streamlined design maximises clear bay entry. And our new, upgraded uprights are stronger, even more stable and offer optimal structural efficiency.
The drive-in racking system is part of our certified ColbyRACK range – a robust, established and versatile system which maximises your valuable warehouse space.

Modern Innovative Design

Our intelligent heavy-duty symmetrical bracing provides strength while limiting the necessary bracing. One-piece formed cantilever brackets with their single-sided design allow for varied pallet levels in adjacent bays. Our ‘lead-in’ nose and rigid channel system guide the forklift into the lane for quick and easy pallet alignment. And our patented pallet runner design not only minimises vertical deflection, it also virtually eliminates horizontal deflection and twist. Constructed from heavy-duty galvanised steel, the system is bolted from underneath to avoid catch points.

Safety First

Drive-in Pallet Racking has a range of integrated safety mechanism such as heavy-duty customised floor channels, and our patented Colby Protect-a-RACK ‘upright wraps’. Backstops positioned at the end of the runners prevent pallets from being pushed too far into the rack, avoiding potential damage to the spine bracing as well as improving safety.

Rack Features

  • High-density, low-cost solution
  • Offers excellent value for money – Colby’s system is very competitively priced
  • No additional special equipment needs – can be serviced by both reach and counterbalance forklift trucks
  • Ideal for first in, last out storage and the cold storage sector
  • Suits a wide range of industries, including the food and beverage industry and general manufacturing
  • Stores large quantities of similar loads in a smaller space
  • Efficiency of design delivers fewer components and lower prices without compromising load capacity and safety


At Colby Dandenong, a cost-effective and versatile racking solutions are done for storing a high volume of pallets. The drive-in racking systems are the best for the high density pallet storage. It includes:

  • Heavy-duty bracing for increased strength and load-carrying;
  • One-piece, formed cantilever brackets for secure wrapping around uprights eliminates rotation under load;
  • Single-sided cantilever bracket design allows for varied pallet levels in adjacent bays;
  • Pallet runner backstops prevent damage, increase safety and ease operation;
  • Plan and Spine bracing – manufactured to exact length for ease of installation;
  • Colby’s patented Protect-a-RACK angled profile deflects impact, minimising damage and maximising clear bay entry;
  • Constructed from robust ColbyRACK components and high-tensile traceable steel;
  • Comprehensive system of safety elements minimises damage in the event of accident, extending the life of your storage system;
  • Standard and Heavy-Duty options available;
  • Modular design for flexibility and quick and easy installation;
  • Beams powder-coated for durability even in the harshest conditions;
  • Safety orange beam colour as standard;
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia;
  • Computer aided design service for optimal strategic planning;
  • Free site survey;
  • Advice on design, layout and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

Coolroom Racking

Coolroom Racking

High Density Coolroom Storage

The Colby Drive-In racking system offers high density storage and is a great solution for coolrooms and freezers.

Specifications - Drive In Rack System

Colby Drive-In Rack components are standardised making them easy to install. This modular design is configurable to the needs of individual requirements.

Drive-in rack system

Coolroom Drive-In Racking

Cantilever Brackets

  • 5mm high tensile steel
  • Bolted on 50mm pitch


  • 125mm and 150mm wide
  • 1.9mm – 30mm gauge options
  • Frame depths usually 1200 to 2400 depending on rack configuration


  • Standard Colby beam 1.6mm gauge steel
  • Optional Heavy-duty beam, 2.0mm gauge steel

Pallet Runners

  • Spans up to 2400mm with 1200kg pallets
  • Heavy-duty 1.9mm or 2.4mm gauge G450 galvanised steel
  • Adjustable at 50mm intervals

Floor Channels

  • Punched at 50mm intervals
  • 5mm steel, 75mm high
  • Standard lengths spliced between uprights
  • Toes-up or Toes-down configuration


  • High-tensile M12 throughout

All ColbyRACK products are certified Australian made.

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