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Pallet racking in Australia is covered under the Australian Standard AS 4084 Steel Storage Racking.  This standard deals not only with design but also covers racking installation and operation. When buying pallet racking, it is essential that you make sure the rack system is not only designed to the standard, but is installed to the standard and is operated in accordance with the standard. To comply with Australian work safety laws, all industrial storage systems are also required to be inspected by a qualified professional every 12 months, and have certified safety signage to indicate the maximum unit load rating for each shelf level.

Colby Dandenong offers regular rack safety inspections and will make recommendations for any damage repairs or replacements, helping you ensure compliance and safety for your employees.

For further reading, please read the Worksafe Guidance Note on Pallet Racking Operation and Maintenance:

Rack Audits & Safety Inspection

Colby Safety Service

At Colby we treat safety as a top priority. Not only do we develop the highest quality equipment, we back it with Rackman Certification. But as a further service we offer our regular “health check” to audit and inspect your system. We will make recommendations to repair damage and bring your system back to new.

warehouse racking inspection

Rackman Certification

Rackman racking certification

Rackman is a proprietary software tool designed by some of the world’s leading structural engineers. Rackman certification means that your system will meet the necessary safety standards. It will give you the peace of mind to know that your goods and your staff are secure in your ColbyRACK installation.

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