Non-Palletised Racking Applications

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Our product line can be designed to accommodate any non-palletised items. These racks are suitable for binning, part picking, and loose items.

Non-Palletised CLS Racking

Why Colby Dandenong for Non Palletised Applications?

The non palletised racks are the most used racking solutions adaptable for storing items that can’t be palletised and for picking purposes. The features and benefits include:

  • The rack uprights are of varied range in widths, depths, and thicknesses;
  • As with other designs, it has a unique diamond-slot profile for stronger and efficient interlock between the upright and beam.
Non-Palletised Racking

Heavy duty car racking with drip trays

Heavy Duty Car Racking

All ColbyRACK products are certified Australian made.

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