Selective Pallet Racking

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When it comes to application and flexibility, standard Selective Pallet Racking is the most versatile there is. Selective Pallet Racking can be custom designed to incorporate all sorts of pallet sizes, weights and product sizes.

Colby invests continuously in product development. We value innovation, and we work relentlessly to improve our products and service. Our mission is to provide beyond your expectations. Our backup service is second to one. All our products meet Australian Safety Standards. Why not call us now? Or contact us by filling the contact form to arrange a free initial site survey.

Selective Pallet Racking Systems

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Colby racking systems use high tensile steel to ensures high strength and safety.

Colby’s Selective Racking includes:

  • Standard and Heavy-Duty options available;
  • Standard Colby beam 1.6mm gauge steel;
  • Optional Heavy-duty beam, 2.0mm gauge steel;
  • Modular design for flexibility and quick and easy installation;
  • Beams powder-coated for durability even in the harshest conditions;
  • Safety orange beam colour as standard;
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia;
  • Computer aided design service for optimal strategic planning;
  • Free site survey.
Selective racking system

Fast, Constant Access to Every Single Pallet

There are very few limitations to the type of goods Colby’s Selective Racking can store. If you need constant access to every single pallet in your warehouse then Colby’s Selective Racking system is an ideal choice. Ideal for products with multiple pallet quantities or when stock rotation is not a priority, this system represents the greatest flexibility for the lowest cost available. Although a pallet storage system is a substantial investment, you may be surprised to realise just how competitively priced this racking system is.
Our Selective Racking is part of the certified ColbyRACK range – a robust, established and versatile product designed to maximise your valuable warehouse space.

We subject the full range of ColbyRACK components to rigorous testing to ensure the highest levels of design integrity.
Dr. Murray Clarke Head of Structural Engineering, Dematic.

But if your priority is increased capacity, you should consider our Double Deep Pallet Racking or our Narrow Aisle and VNA Rack system. Both are part of the ColbyRACK range. Alternatively, if you’re not sure which is the best option for you call us now and talk to one of our experts.

Why Choose Colby's Selective Racking Systems ?

Colby Dandenong’s Selective Racking is easily adjusted and relocated. The system handles almost any pallet size, and almost any weight. Pallets can be accessed with almost all types of forklift truck, including counterbalance and reach trucks.

The potential number of pallets stored in any given stack is only limited by external factors. It suits installations up to 11m high, and a high-rise option is available.

  • Allows access to every pallet location at all times;
  • Maximises valuable warehouse space;
  • Offers greater flexibility for the lowest cost available;
  • Ideal for products with multiple pallet quantities or when stock rotation is unimportant;
  • Easily adjusted and relocated;
  • Constructed from robust ColbyRACK components and high-tensile traceable steel.

All ColbyRACK products are certified Australian made.

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