Pallet Live Storage (PLS)

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The Pallet Live Storage (PLS) system stores pallets on inclined roller tracks. This system is loaded from the rear and is picked from the front.

Another high Optimum Volumetric Capacity (OVC) system

As a pallet is loaded from behind, it rolls forward to the front position, ready for picking. This is an ideal application for FIFO (First In, First Out) stock rotation, with a braking option for deeper runs.

Pallet Live Storage

Pallet Live Storage

Why choose Colby Dandenong for Pallet Live Storage?

Pallet live storage at Colby Dandenong helps in easy movement of the pallets in a fast moving environment. The benefits and features are as follows.

  • Helps in safe access to stock for pedestrians and forklift in adjacent aisles simultaneously;
  • This storage system is good for perishables as it reduces the need of urgent pick face replenishment;
  • Provision of speed controller and hysteresis wheels for long lanes that allows high density storage with multiple deep pallets;
  • Rollers are given with pallet stoppers at the front.

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All ColbyRACK products are certified Australian made.

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