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It’s important that pallet racking is installed in accordance with AS 4048:23. To achieve this, it’s best that pallet racking be installed by professionals. This will ensure that the new pallet racking is not only correctly installed and fit for purpose, but also safe. Pallet racking that isn’t installed correctly runs the risk of warping due to incorrect load distribution or even collapsing, this is another reason why getting pallet racking professionally installed is so important.

While many business owners try to save money by installing their pallet racking themselves, this can lead to problems. If the racking collapses due to poor installation, goods can be damaged or someone could get hurt or worse. Pallet racking needs regular inspections, including at installation. So when the new racking is professionally certified, if it’s not up to standard, it may cost more to correct the problems created by self installation.Our Pallet Racking Installation Services

We can not only source high quality Colby pallet racking for your storage needs, we can install it at your business too. This allows us be the complete end-to-end supplier and installer of pallet racking for all your warehouse storage needs. Our pallet racking installation services include:

  • Getting any and all permits required for the project.
  • Having proper insurance for all workers installing the pallet racking.
  • Safety equipment for workers installing the pallet racking.
  • Equipment to install the pallet racking such as scissor lifts.
  • Pallet racking installed to comply with AS 4048:23.

When installing pallet racking, safety is our biggest priority for both our workers and any warehouse workers who may be on site. Having a safe site will ensure pallet racking is installed quickly, easily, and without fuss.

This is all part of getting pallet racking professionally installed. The project is done with ease and you know it’s a good quality installation job.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pallet Racking Installation

If you have any questions about pallet racking installations, feel free to get in touch or take a look at our FAQs below.

Is newly installed pallet racking certified to Australian standards?

If the pallet racking is professionally installed and inspected it will be certified to AS 4048:23. It’s important for both safety and the reliability of the racking that it is installed in accordance with AS 4048:23. Failure to have certified racking can not only lead to a dangerous pallet racking set up but also trouble with regulation bodies and high costs to correct any problems.

How long does the certification for my newly installed pallet racking last?

Pallet racking needs to be inspected every twelve months to stay certified as per AS 4048:23. This inspection needs to be done by a professional person and then any repair and rectification work done.

Is it possible to install pallet racking myself?

While it’s possible to install pallet racking yourself, this can be a difficult task. Firstly, the newly installed pallet racking still needs to be certified in accordance with the Australian standard. If anything is done incorrectly, it may be costly to fix the problem. Secondly, installation of pallet racking can often use specialised equipment like a scissor lift if the pallet racking is going to be multiple levels high. We also suggest that pallet racking is installed professionally.

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