Industrial Mezzanine Floors

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Industrial Flooring Solution

Colby Dandenong offers a range of cost-effective industrial flooring solutions that can double or even triple the usable floor area in your warehouse. We provide economical, durable and easy to maintain flooring systems, tailored specifically for your business needs. Whether installing a mezzanine level or raised storage area, they are a great solution for utilising unused vertical space.

Why Buy Industrial Floors at Colby Dandenong?

Colby Dandenong are experts in designing, fabricating and installing a wide variety of industrial floor systems across Australia. We have an in-house fabrication division which enables us to offer customised industrial floor designs to suite your exact requirement and budget, and will install the floor with minimal disruption to your business.

Features and benefits include:

  • Cost-effective, durable and efficient flooring options as per the requirement;
  • Easily adaptable to the requirements and can cater heavy industrial loads;
  • Highly resilient and productive flooring options for industries;
  • Fire protection packages including sprinklers and smoke curtains available;
  • Package can include stairs, treads barriers, handrails and safety signage.

Warehouse Flooring Applications


Medium Duty

By using standard ColbyRACK pallet racking components, low-cost medium duty floors can be constructed quickly and inexpensively. The use of these standard rack components allows for the installation of a wide variety of shelving and racking systems. These systems are free-standing, making the installation, modification and relocation quick and easy. All our ColbyRACK components are powder-coated to withstand even the harshest warehouse environments.


  • Seamless integration with Colby shelving, Colby racking systems, carton-live storage and Heavy Duty Shelving
  • Long-span shelving for small parts picking operations
  • Wide range of beams and uprights to satisfy varying needs of durability, flexibility, performance and budget
  • Diamond slot profile and strengthening ribs provide significantly increased strength and rigidity
  • Range of flooring materials available including plywood, particleboard and steel grating
  • Powder-coated finish for a durable surface
  • Beams constructed from 1.6mm gauge high-tensile steel
  • Floor joists typically comprise standard ‘top-hat’ profiles, tek-screwed into the top flange of the primary beam

Heavy Duty

Colby’s fully bolted system is unlike conventional steel constructions. Structural columns are combined with Colby patented Sigma beam sections which provide the necessary floor span and load carrying capability. It is easily moved or modified which helps in constructing heavy-duty floors. The breakthrough Sigma beam also requires fewer components, making large column-free spans possible. This in turn significantly reduces installation time and costs. 


  • More column-free space provided by the patented Sigma beam profile
  • System can be easily moved or modified to adapt to changing needs.
  • Pre-punched holes in all Sigma beams allow simple bolted connections to other components.
  • Our Sigma beams are manufactured in a range of depths and material thicknesses to suit your needs.
  • Range of flooring materials are available including plywood, particleboard and steel grating.
  • Sigma beam is made from high tensile steel and a corrosive resistant galvanised finish.
  • Down aisle bracing can be installed to increase aisle width allowing for even more usable space.
  • Sprinkler pipes can be installed, protected inside Sigma beam profile.
  • Electrical wiring neatly installed and protected inside the Sigma beam profile.
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