Warehouse Rack Protectors

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Colby Dandenong can help protect your pallet racks and inventory with heavy duty steel pallet rack protectors and guards. Even if hit by a forklift, your racks are safer. Don’t buy cheap plastic ‘protectors’ that have no impact and deflection strength, install the best protection for your racks and inventory and see immediate savings from reduced damage and downtime, …and keeping your workplace safer.

Racking Protection

At Colby we really care about your safety. We know what it takes to run a top-notch, safe workplace, and have our own NSCA 5 Star Rating and are a former “Member of the Year” with the National Safety Council. All Colby products are designed with exactly that duty of care in mind.

Warehouse Rack Protectors

Protection and Accessories

Protect and accessories your rack against the hits by forklifts and other accidents with the range of rack protection options available at Colby Dandenong. We offer an extensive range of protective accessories, as well as work benches, binning, picking accessories and much more. A few of the range of the rack protectors at Colby Dandenong are as listed below;


Protect-a-Rack Upright Protector

The Colby Protect-a-Rack upright protectors’ design is unique and innovative that fits every type of rack upright. It outperforms the traditional steel and plastic rack protectors allows easy installation.

Rack clamps

Rack Components: Connectors & Clips

The 4-tang end connector helps in stabilising the heavy loads. The 3-tang connectors can be used for light-duty and open section beams. Our patented Cobra Chips at each beam ends prevents accidental dislodging as the beams are locked into place.

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