Steel Shelving

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Colby Dandenong provides a broad range of industrial shelving rack options which are space efficient and durable. Industrial steel shelving is one among the listings of storage solutions that are made highly tensile and economical.

Cost Effective Shelving Storage Products

Industrial Shelving solutionsColby’s Industrial Metal Shelving Solutions use high quality, light-duty frames. These structures are designed to save space and reduce costs.
We believe any light duty application can be stored efficiently by using our economical shelving systems. The modular design for the shelving units allows for maximum flexibility, plus quick and easy adjustment. Shelf length can be extended, and the entire installation relocated with ease.

steel shelvingSteel Shelving for warehouses are a cost-effective storage solution for small product picking and storage. It is versatile and easy to install, move and rearrange.

A wide range of bay sizes and a comprehensive choice of shelving accessories ensure there’s a storage solution for every requirement. Shelf dividers are used to separate multiple SKU’s. Kick plates ensure clean, safe operation and adjustable clips enable quick and easy shelf adjustment on a 25mm pitch.

Features of Steel Shelving Assemblies:

  • Precise height adjustment of shelves achieved by 25mm centre hole punching;
  • Heavy-duty uprights provide stability;
  • Safety features include double returns and rounded edges on posts and shelves;
  • Shelf dividers, drawers, boxes, kick plates and adjustable clips are available;
  • Standard shelves are sheet steel, but for low light situations, wire mesh can be specified.

Standard Bay Heights 

  • 900 mm
  • 1200 mm

Standard Bay Widths

  • 300 mm
  • 400 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 600 mm

Why Choose Colby Dandenong's Steel Shelving Solutions?

The steel shelving options provided by Colby Dandenong are an efficient storage solution for slow moving goods, parts and files. Additional benefits and features include:

  • They are a space efficient and low-cost storing solution for light-duty applications;
  • Strength, safety, durability and versatility are achieved through high-quality COLORBOND® steel;
  • Easy to install, relocate and adjust.

Industrial Metal Shelving Design

Rolled Upright Type, or RUT Steel Shelving, is the lowest cost and most frequently used storage solution for slow moving goods, parts and files.

desgn for industrial metal shelving
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